So how do we "empower the energy and power professionals of tomorrow by offering them opportunities to broaden their horizons and enhance their skill sets today"?  Simple.  We focus on three key areas that industry members are looking for in potential employees, areas that either are not offered by the university or not consolidated in a single delivery mechanism.

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Professional Development

Our professional development program seeks to enhance the services offered by the university as well as provide members-only access to industry professionals in order to begin to prepare students to be "real world ready" on Day 1 of their first job after graduation.  From resume writing seminars to industry-related career coaching seminars to networking events with industry members, the students of VOLT have a world of opportunities to enhance the "soft" skills that are needed for success in the modern economy.

Community Engagement

We wouldn't be living our mission if we focused solely on our own development.  That's why, starting in the spring of 2020, VOLT will have a dynamic Community Engagement programmed focused on building the next generation of energy and power professionals.  Activities under development include presentations at local schools as well as volunteer activities at established businesses such as Discovery Place. 

Special Projects

One of the distinct advantages that UNCC has over many other schools is the focus on real-world projects throughout the curriculum.  Our goal at VOLT is to enhance the project experience of our members by providing them with opportunities to complete small but impactful real-world projects related to the industry throughout their time at UNCC.  In addition, we are also in the process of securing much larger projects which would also involve national competitions, similar to what the Rocketry Team does.

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